Viral di TikTok Seks Oral Disebut Jadi Faktor Risiko Kanker Tenggorokan, Benarkah?

Anna Maria Anggita - Rabu, 27 Maret 2024
Viral di TikTok, seks oral disebut jadi salah satu faktor risiko kanker tenggorokan, simak penjelasannya!
Viral di TikTok, seks oral disebut jadi salah satu faktor risiko kanker tenggorokan, simak penjelasannya! spukkato - Kanker tenggorokan jadi salah satu kondisi penyakit yang viral di TikTok dan banyak diperbincangkan warganet.

Berdasarkan video viral di TikTok dari akun @drsermedmezher, ia mengungkap bahwa seks oral jadi faktor risiko kanker tenggorokan.

Lantas, kenapa seks oral jadi faktor risiko kanker tenggorokan yang viral di TikTok ini?

@drsermedmezher You Won’t Believe What the Number 1 Risk Factor for Throat Cancer Is! #science. Carcinogenic strains of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) pose a significant threat to cellular health by increasing the risk of developing various types of cancer. HPV, particularly high-risk or oncogenic strains such as HPV types 16 and 18, can infect epithelial cells, primarily targeting mucous membranes and skin surfaces. Upon infection, these carcinogenic strains have the potential to cause persistent alterations in cellular behavior, leading to the development of cancer over time. The primary mechanism by which carcinogenic strains of HPV affect cells is through the action of viral oncoproteins, notably E6 and E7. These oncoproteins disrupt normal cellular regulatory pathways, promoting uncontrolled cell division and inhibiting mechanisms that prevent abnormal cell growth. For instance, E6 and E7 can interact with key cellular proteins, including tumor suppressors like p53 and pRb, leading to their degradation or inactivation. As a result, infected cells lose their ability to regulate cell cycle progression, DNA repair, and apoptosis (programmed cell death), paving the way for the accumulation of genetic mutations and the development of cancer. In the context of cervical cancer, which is the most common HPV-associated cancer, persistent infection with carcinogenic HPV strains can lead to the gradual transformation of cervical epithelial cells. Initially, HPV infection may cause precancerous changes, known as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), characterized by abnormal cell growth and dysplasia (abnormal cell appearance). Without intervention, these precancerous lesions can progress to invasive cervical cancer, where malignant cells penetrate deeper layers of the cervical epithelium and may eventually metastasize to other tissues and organs. Apart from cervical cancer, carcinogenic HPV strains are also implicated in the development of other anogenital cancers, including anal, penile, vaginal, and vulvar cancers. Additionally, HPV-associated oropharyngeal cancer, which affects the throat and tonsils, has become increasingly prevalent, particularly among younger individuals. #health #medicine ♬ original sound - DrSermedMezher

Dilansir dari Medical News Today, seks oral tidak menyebabkan kanker tenggorokan, namun aktivitas ini dapat meningkatkan risiko penularan human papillomavirus (HPV).

HPV dapat menyebar melalui seks oral, sehingga meningkatkan kemungkinan terjadinya kanker tenggorokan.

Perlu diketahui HPV bisa menyebabkan perubahan sel pra-kanker yang di kemudian hari dapat menyebabkan kanker tenggorokan.

Seks oral adalah aktivitas melibatkan penggunaan mulut untuk merangsang alat kelamin atau area genital pasangan.

Jenis hubungan seks ini dapat menyebarkan infeksi menular seksual seperti gonorea, sipilis, dan klamidia.

Jika ingin mengurangi risiko tertular HPV maka caranya adalah dengan mendapatkan vaksin HPV. 

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